Sunday, 3 February 2013

Grey Deer

I have quite a few deer commissions coming up, so it was time to sculpt a deer head base. In order to make sure the sculpt looks good, I decided to test it out on an experimental head instead of on a commission ^_^
The Antlers were made from a butchered novelty antler coat rack. I bought a coat rack hook that was meant to look like to antlers. I chopped the rack apart and removed some tines, then added clay to smooth out the curves. I made a mold the modded antlers and cast them in resin. As the resin cured, I set a screw into the antler base.
A Tee-nut was installed in the head so the antler could be screwed into the base. If you brush the fur over, you can barely even see the hole!
I decided to make the deer into a partial. I made everything except the cloppers. Dream Vision creations made the hoof "fingers" which I then installed.

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