Saturday, 28 May 2011

District 9 Bunraku Cont.... so much sculpting!

More sculpting...
Back blocked out and some of the face:

I will be sculpting and casting the face tentacles separately and adding them AFTER I cast the head/torso instead of trying to cast them directly on the face. This way I will get far better detail and articulation.

Monday, 23 May 2011

District 9 Bunraku

Why can't I come up with sensible cosplays?

I am making a Bunraku of Christopher Johnson from District 9.

A Bunraku is a kind of life sized puppet used in Japanese theatre. Since The Prawns in District 9 are so skinny, they would be impossible to make into full costumes... but put me in a black zentai, and some kind of puppet harness, and I can control him from behind.

Here is a basic sketch of the idea:

I took my design and projected the front and side view to a piece of cardboard, taped the two pieces together with a pipe base to support them, then filled the empty spaces with good ole canned expanding foam.

Once filled, I carved out the basic shape of the Prawn with a knife for a relatively smooth surface to add clay to:

Now to add the clay.... so much clay! OMG I can't believe how much clay! I underestimated the amount of clay I needed my several boxes. Surprisingly, even a small layer of clay around the form turned out to be quite a lot!

I also couldn't always find the same color of clay, so I have a bizarre mixture of black grey and beige T_T

The torso is now fully covered, and I am on to sculpting the details!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Cat OC - Quiche

An Original character Cats costume I made for fun ^_^

I'm calling him Quiche.... he's sort of a mix of Munku and Tumble.... maybe they came from the same litter?

There is a layer of sparkle silver I added that doesn't really show through :(
But I did use a great new "paint" which I am really loving The gold and bronze bits on the uni are a screen printing material called "Decolourant" It's not an ink or a dye... it's an emulsion agent with color mixed in... so it basically bleaches out the natural color and replaces it with the color of the decolourant. It's beautiful stuff, I'll be playing with this some more for sure!

This is also my first rope tail (SOOOOO much faster than yarn knotted tails). I admit this one is a bit of a rush because I am bringing it to a con with me to sell... I doubt it will sell, but it could be fun if it does :D

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

It's here!

So exciting! My collection of Komickrazi comic strips has arrived!
A Collection of 32 strips (12 of which I have never posted online), plus a fun paper doll of Temperance and assorted outfits!

Glee! Fresh out of the box, I am selling these at a price of $4 each. If you would like to order one, please send me a note.

**please note, all comics that must be mailed, I will require an additional $2 to cover shipping costs**

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thunder Thunder THUNDERCATS!

A costume commission piece done... and looking so RETRO!
Admittedly, despite a lot of spandex color matching frustration, it was quite fun to make. ^_^

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Monday, 2 May 2011

Success! Battle Angel gloves

Sometimes simple things work disturbingly well.

I have been trying to figure out how to make robotic android looking hands which are a) easy to pull on and off, b) have full hand dexterity and c) look like my real hands are robotic, not like I am wearing armor or chunky gloves.

After a few failed attempts at casting with rubber latex, I sewed up some gloves with silver/grey stretch velvet and used a marker to color in the details. Woo! Success! I am so impressed with how well these turned out.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Reversible Cape

I made a cape! A loverly velvet reversible cloak made on commission.

It's kinda nice to sew mundane stuff sometimes ^_^