Thursday, 29 November 2012

Lion King Musical Lioness - head sculpting part 2

More sculpting for my lioness headpiece. Clay smoothed down and scalloping and texture added: headwip2 headwip3
Mold was made with rubber latex. It's a lot slower process than silicone, you paint thin layers of rubber latex onto the piece over several days. When the latex mold was thick enough, I made a hard case in plastercloth to hold the shape: headwip4
Resin was poured into the mold and rolled around to make a hollow headpiece. In order to strengthen the ears, I added some rigid expanding foam: headwip5
Finish headpiece removed from the mold: headwip6
In order to clean up some of the mis-cast errors, I used bondo to fill pocks, then sanded down the fills to a smooth finish: headwip7
The head was added to a headdress. The headdress was made with twisted 16 gauge wire, and covered with twine to look more natural. I installed some strips of sheetfoam to the inside of the headbase for comfort: headwip8 Next up.... painting!

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