Monday, 19 December 2011

Scar head - Lion King Musical - shoulder harness thingy part 2

Back to work on Scar.... His harness is nearly done:

Put together... I drilled holes in key points and put the basic frame together, then drilled more holes and sewed pieces of latex tubing to the frame.

Several coats of paint later... the whole thing is starting to look like Bamboo :3

Also stretched out a series of tubes and painted them. These are for the corset part.

Hard to believe, but I bought 35 feet of medical tubing for this and I have already run out!
I still need to make the butt plate and arm guards.... I'm going to need at least another 20 feet. I'm starting to realize why actors claim Scar is a heavy costume to wear.... even when you use alternative materials to lighten him, he's still got a ton of stuff on him.


  1. Listen, what did you use to make that look of the head of scar. Wood? PVC?
    It's just that I have a Scar character in a play and I don't know what to do to the costume since I don't know what to use for the play. Hope you can help me. Contact me, please at: The play is for december.

    1. It is made of resin. Here are some blog entries regarding the head:

  2. Hey! I dont know if this blog is still active, but do you know the size of the tubing you bought? Thank You!

    1. Also what did you make the frame out of? looks like flat plastic?