Thursday, 22 December 2011

Scar head - Lion King Musical - chaps

Scar chaps.... OMG chaps.... I hate these chaps ¬_¬
Hard to believe, but of this whole costume, the chaps are so far the MOST expensive and the MOST time consuming and the MOST work.

Yup..... chaps....
The leather I got at Tandy Leatherworks... it's a huge 62 square foot upholstery hide.... over $500. I've used about 2/3 of it sofar.

First... cut a V from the leather.... then run it through the sewing machine to get the texture....
Repeat about 120 times.

Then pin all the pieces together and cut the edges to the pattern.
Then sew all the pieces you pinned.

That's ONE leg.... it took me all day. I still have another one to do.

Once the leather parts are done, I need to sew black lining to the pants and sew them together D:
Oh chaps, how I hate you..... T_T

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  1. You made a beautiful costume. At my daughters highschool the lion king will be performed. I am a costume mother and want to make the Scar leather pants. Trying to figure out your pictures. Do you have a pattern of the pants or measurements that you are willing to share?