Thursday, 17 November 2011

Scar head - Lion King Musical - head complete!

Woooo! Head is finally done. I'm quite proud of it ^_^

The head is mounted to a skull cap made of ABS plastic. I plastered my head with plastercloth, then vacuuformed a base. I covered the base wit Kanekalon to give Scar his hair instead of making a separate wig. With hair covers the zip ties and bolts holding the rigging of the head in place.

No, the head doesn't move... It would have been wonderful, and I might attempt it in the future, but the wiring and coding was just a little too complicated for me T_T

A make-up test... It'll look a lot better when I can pin down the sideburns so they don't flare out so much. I think I have the make-up down now.

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