Friday, 31 May 2013

Welcome to Part 2 of my Charr construction! After putting the suit together and taking some photos, I found the head a little too big... so I took it apart and re-worked it. The fur and padding were all pulled off T_T Look at the garbage... Full of all my hard work! charredo1 I added new eyebrows and cheekbones but added no more additional padding. charrredo2 Drafted a pattern with duct tape, sewed and glued and reairbrushed. charrredo3 Much better! charrheadr I also added some whiskers! charrwhiskers I found the leather to be a little too shiny and new looking, so I attacked my work with various things to rough it up and make it look more worn. First I sanded down some of the shinier bits with sandpaper, then brushed specific areas with shoe polish, ink and acrylic paint....let it sit, then rubbed it away. I continued this process a few times until the leather looked sufficiently worn down. charweather I made a few more accessories for my charr. some fabric skirting for his waist, plus two belts. It was time to try him on again. charrturn2 Woo! I think he's done! Now, I just need to give him a name O_o charr1 charr2 charr3 charr4

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