Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Scar - Lion King Musical SDCC Masq 2012

I'm back from San Diego and the madness that is Comic-Con International. The highlight of my tip? Taking part in SDCC's annual Masquerade... where I am in constant awe of the skillful costumers who come out to strut their stuff on stage. scarmasqscarmasq3 I won Best Movie award from That's My Entertainment, and Best Performance from Comic-con International. I have a loverly certificate and medal to hang on my wall :3 masqawards Here is a video of my performance: He was the most challenging costume I have made to date (and the most expensive!), but it's SO much fun to play the villian. Nothing makes me more thrilled then to hear "OMG! You're a girl?" when I'm wearing him... it makes me feel like I made him just right! Scar is now officially retired. I have given him the greatest honor any of my costumes can receive; a place on my wall. The rest of the costume has been dismantled for parts, or thrown away. It DOES hurt in some respects to spend a ton of money on a costume, then just toss it. But I can't afford to save ALL of my costumes once they retire, and there is NO way to sell something this complex without major modifications. His head however, I was very fond of so I decided to keep it and hang it on my wall. He's a really handsome piece (well I think so anyway). It'll be nice to look at him whenever I like and show him off to anyone who visits my studio. scarheadwallf

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