Sunday, 17 July 2011

Her Royal Majesty Queen Beatice... or Bea for short

Hurrah! My first insect fursuit is complete.
Presenting Bea the Bee >_<

Bee's big eyes are one of those paintable easter eggs you find in craft stores around easter. I cut one in half and painted several layers of black and glossy sealant. The antenna are pieces of 14 gauge wire folded in half and covered with fleece. They are fully manipulatable. The eye screen is located right in the middle of her face :D Since Insects have bisected faces, I added a strip of buckram in between the foamwork for her head and her mouth sections.

Her wings are made of 14 gauge wire and cellophane wrap. The wings were bent into shape and the veins were soldered into place around the frame. The wire wings were then sandwiched between several layers of cellophane wrap (the stuff used to wrap up gift baskets) with some spray adhesive, and "sealed" with a heat gun. The rigging for the wings was made with a piece of Vegetable tanned leather and a metal brace (sorry, I didn't take a photo of the brace!) I covered all the work with fur and fleece to make it look neat and clean and added straps of nylon and buckles that cross over my chest to hold the rigging in place. A set of washers on a wire frame were used so a simple wing nut can be slid through the holes and tightened to hold the wings in place. There are two slits in the back of the bodysuit that you can slip the rigging through before attaching the wings.

Her extra set of legs are pool noodles covered in spandex. I wear a spandex body suit with shoe soles attached directly to the bottoms of the feet to give the impression of insect legs. It makes her quite cool and comfortable to wear!


Sadly, a really silly photo, but a great view of her back:

And a video to see Bea in all her glory:

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