Tuesday, 28 June 2011

District 9 Bunraku.... cracking the cast

Phew! This was really stressful. Your sculpt may look totally awesome, but if you screw up the cast, you are basically back to square one, and will most likely have to re-sculpt the whole damn thing.
Lucky lucky... the cast opened and there was only minor cosmetic touch-ups to fix.

Gee... I guess adding 1" of plaster casting around a good 50 lb. sculpture was a bit much for my PVC stand.... The thing cracked the second I put it on the floor. Not surprising though, I could barely lift it myself T_T
I dragged/rolled out out of the shed and into the yard.

To aid in splitting the two halves (despite a GENEROUS) amount of Vaseline to the edge, I used a Dremmel to widen the spaces between the sections. I have to thank my hubby for this suggestion... there would have probably been a lot more rage and weeping otherwise.
Mold split and clay removed... I'm going to have to go in with a tool and clean it out better... this is what I could dig out with my fingers....

Fffffff...! A crack in the groin area.... it's okay, fortunately the crack isn't all the way through, so it's merely cosmetic. I can patch it.

Still, all and all, the torso split better than I hoped...

From here, once I clean out the molds better, I will be adding rubber latex in many small coats to the inside of both halves. Then when satisfied with the thickness, I will put the two pieces together and fill the hollow cavity with osft expanding foam to make a huggably squishable prawn. >_<

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